Materials and Publications


The matrix has been conceived, developed and authored by:
Cesare P.R. Romano, PICT Assistant Director and Associate of the Center on International Cooperation, New York University

Research and early drafting of the various entries has been carried out by: 
Alice Bisiaux, Federico Bochkoltz, Anne Bodley, Yvan Desmedt, and Julia Ortmann, students of the NYU School of Law 

Interactive design and information architecture: 
Lorenzo Ottaviani Design Inc., New York
Lorenzo Ottaviani, design direction, Kristopher Medina, engineering and programming, Manuele Caponi, designer

In relation to each judicial body we have received significant support and assistance from the following individuals: 
• Eduardo Valencia Ospina and Laurence Blairon, at the ICJ;Gritakumar E. Chitty and David Browne, at the ITLOS; 
• Willie Chatsika, Geraldine Murfy, Judy Cowell, and Anthony Mistri, at the WTO dispute settlement system; 
• Roy Lee, at the United Nations, and Håkan Friman at the Swedish Ministry of Justice, in respect of the ICC; 
• Dorothee de Sampayo Garrido-Nijgh, Jean-Jacques Heintz, Christian Chartier, John R.W.D. Jones, at the ICTY; 
• Beatrice Lacoste, at the ICTR; 
• Paul Mahoney and Montserrat Enrich Mas, at the ECHR; 
• Victor Hugo Madrigal Borloz, at the IACHR; 
• Percival Mofokeng and Albert Hoffmann, at the South African Mission to the UN, Nico Fourie and Andre Stemmet, at the South African Department of Foreign Affairs, Frans Viljoen, at the University of Pretoria; Makau Mutua, at SUNY-Buffalo Law School, Tokumbo Ige, at the International Commission of Jurists, and Frans Viljoen, at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, in respect of the ACHR; 
• GiovanniVallera, at the ECJ; 
• Tom Kennedy, formerly at the ECJ and currently at the ICTR, in respect of both bodies; 
• Gunnar Selvik and Diana Torrens, at EFTA Court; 
• Claudy Dejonge and Mr. Lipszyc, at the Benelux Court of Justice; 
• Patricio Bueno Peralvo and Alvaro Gutierrez, at the TJAC; 
• Norma Allegra Cerrato Sabillon, at the CACJ; 
• Sipho H. Zwane, at the COMESA CJ; 
• Seydou Ba, and Jacques M'Bosso, at the OHADA Court, and Aregba Polo' at the Permanent
• Secretariat of the OHADA; 
• Riad Daoudy, Mr. Lababidi, at the OAPEC Judicial Tribunal, and E. Potoski, at the NYU Department of Middle Eastern Studies, in respect of the OAPEC Judicial Tribunal; 
• Abdallahi Ould Kebd, at the Embassy of Mauritania, Washington DC, in respect of the AMU; 
Finally, a special thanks goes to Todd Diamond for the editing. 


This matrix is the result of a large team-work, involving many individuals, between 1997 and 1999. The author is extremely grateful to all participants to this endeavor.
Any errors or omissions are the sole responsibility of the author.